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What kind of person needs a massage gun

What kind of person needs a massage gun?

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018
1.Competitive demand

For example, a boxer or a football player can use a fascia gun to relax the muscles during the intermission of the game, prevent injuries, and have better sports performance.

2. Assisted use by rehabilitation therapists

Rehabilitation therapist refers to a person who has qualifications, has studied and thought, obtained relevant certificates, or knows how to perform rehabilitation treatment. It does not mean that which muscle is weak and which muscle is tight, which muscle is relaxed. It takes a certain amount of Knowledge for professional treatment.

3. High-intensity trainer

In the gym, some barbell trainers cannot relieve or relax the muscles in-depth due to muscle soreness, general stretching, and relaxation of the foam shaft. The fascia gun is a good choice. General fascia guns have 3 different gears, for different degrees of muscle relaxation, some high-priced fascia guns will have 5 gears, designed for professionals. Other people who exercise and fitness usually pay attention to the rest of our muscles during stretching and other relaxation activities.

To sum up
The popularity of the fascia gun reflects the importance that bodybuilders attach to muscle relaxation. For some high-strength trainers, muscle relaxation and rest have an important impact on improving athletic performance. The fascia gun uses the internal high-speed motor to drive the "massage head" to generate high-frequency vibrations to deep muscles, which can relieve muscle tension to a large extent. But pay attention to some details when using the fascia gun, do not use it on the bone and near the blood vessel.

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